I went off and tried to borrow $10 million

Undeterred, I went off and tried to borrow $10 million from everywhere I could think of. I couldn’t find any banks that would lend us it, which was bitterly disappointing. I was sitting down desperately trying to think how we could do it when I had a brainwave.
We didn't just want to introduce seatback video to expand our best-in-the-air services, we wanted to expand our whole airline. I picked up the phone to Boeing and asked: "Would you like to supply us with 12 new 747s?" They said they would be happy to do so.
I said the deal was theirs, as long as they agreed to include the seatback videos in every plane. They happily agreed. From failing to get a loan for $10 million, we managed to get a loan for $2.5 billion. We soon had brand new planes, beautiful seatback videos, and beat BA to the innovation by several years. - Virgin Airlines

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